The discovery of the history of a small town during WW1 and the family history of those men from the town who died during that war is described. The same procedure can be used to research ones own family history.

All talks are adapted according to the particular interests of each audience but generally describe how anyone can discover the family history of each man listed on the war memorial, including for instance his school days, social life and the employment he enjoyed before enlisting.

How to find where and when each man enlisted and the Regiment he joined are included, as are the awards and promotion achieved. Letters sent home by the men provide a picture of what life was like while they were fighting for their country and the celebrations held for those who returned are interesting.

I also discovered what life was like in a country town during the war and the valuable role played by the women in the community at that time.

All over the country there are hundreds of War Memorials listing thousands of names of those who lost their lives in World War 1. Although the names were preserved for posterity, sadly over the years many memorials have fallen into disrepair and the names of these brave men could soon be lost and forgotten for ever. If the story behind each name is known it will ensure that they are no longer just a name cast in stone.

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